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Kalie Noelle

Intuitive Life Guidance

About Kalie

Kalie Noelle grew up in Southern California. In her late twenties she embarked upon a twenty five year spiritual journey which took her to New York City, Marina Del Rey, Ashland, Oregon and Boulder, Colorado.  She has recently settled in Northwest Arkansas where she has found the peace and beauty she has always longed for. 

At a young age Kalie discovered she was born with a clear "bridge" to the angelic realm.  On her fortieth birthday she was inspired to give her first reading to a woman named Laura.  After the reading Laura insisted that Kalie should share her gift with the public.  She also told Kalie that to not do so would be a disservice to humanity.

For more than a decade, Kalie has provided phone readings on a request basis.  Her goal in the readings is to connect participants with the highest and best energies supporting him or her.  That can include uncovering hidden blocks, healing, releasing old wounds, and remembering one's heart's desire.

If you're trying to figure out if a Kalie Noelle reading is right for you, check out the "Testimonials" page.


"I have consulted many gifted intuitives and Kalie ranks among the best.  She deepened the understanding of my life purpose and described a man who became my life partner just months later.  My guides informed Kalie about physical ailments that I hadn't told her about, and then they offered insights and suggestions for treatment.  I trust her guidance immensely."

-- Laura Derocher



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