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I have consulted many gifted intuitives and Kalie ranks among the best.  She deepened the understanding of my life purpose and described a man who became my life partner just months later.  My guides informed Kalie about physical ailments that I hadn't told her about, and then they offered insights and suggestions for treatment.  I trust her guidance immensely.

-- Laura Derocher

Kalie's intuitive information is right on.  Kalie has the ability to connect with spirit guides and does it with great compassion.  She helped me with physical, emotional and spiritual issues.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my guides were speaking through her.  I recommend everyone experience a session with Kalie because it will enhance your life tremendously.

-- Fred Morton

Kalie helped me change my life! I recognized I was stuck.  Kalie connected me with my guides and was able to pinpoint issues that were holding me back for over 10 years.  She gave me the tools to work through the blocks and move forward.  I am so grateful!  Thank you, Kalie, for helping me to achieve my dreams and get myself back on the enchanted path!

-- Beth Friedland

Thank you so much for my birthday reading!  It has had a profound impact on me emotionally, spiritually and energetically.  I'm so grateful we met at the breakfast!  I'm sure I'll see you at future gatherings.  Many  blessings!

-- Tricia Ebert-Sheisley

Kalie Noelle is a gifted, insightful and blessed intuitive.  Her readings are generous, thought provoking and thorough.  Your questions are answered with love, openness with the true vision that she owns and is so willing to share with compassion and genuineness.  Her voice evokes a calming and peaceful presence that takes you along for a wonderful journey into your life-- past, present and future!  Enjoy!

-- Jennifer Schwartz

Christina Joy Melton
Paul Moore
Julian Sambrano
Nikkolene Callis
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