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About Readings

Kalie Noelle's readings begin with an opening prayer invoking hers and the client's angels and guides. From there Kalie Noelle will begin to receive information, words, and images that convey messages that the Spirit realm wishes to impart. 
After the initial messages are given there is then plenty of time for the client to ask questions. The questions can be about any topic:  Relationships and family, career, pets, travel, health and nutrition, as well as relocation. There can also be conversation about subjects such as self worth, fears, past trauma, and addictions.
Throughout the 45-minute phone reading the client is given  tools and advice that can be easily implemented into their everyday life.  Clients have shared that listening to the recordings even after months or years have passed, they still receive benefit and insights.  
The client may request a recording of the reading where they will receive an MP3 delivered to their email address.
A 45 minute reading is $150 but Kalie also operates on a sliding scale. So if you feel like you'd like special consideration, feel free to reach out to her and share your situation.  Her heart's desire is to assist as many people as possible.
Readings are available for couples or groups too, upon request.  Contact Kalie if you'd like to explore those options.
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